I have had an electric bike now for 3 years, the first one I did probably 15,000 miles on. I got my new one from EZ Riders two months ago. Last one was very heavy and the brakes were not good! I bought an EGIGA from EZ Riders and the battery is much better and the brakes are superb, and it is half the weight. I LOST 4 STONE ON MY FIRST ONE! YOU STILL HAVE TO PEDDLE! I would recommend this cycle to anyone, they are quite simply fantastic! When you get on one, if it doesn't just delight you and make you smile then you got on the wrong bike.

Tim Hyett - Chelmsford

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy our EZ bikes.

We used to put our "ordinary" bikes on the back of the camper and, if there were any hills or long journeys where we were staying, the bikes usually didn't get much of an outing.

Now we have our EZ bikes (my Giga and my wife's Milli), we can go much further afield from our base.

We may still need to pedal going uphill, but with nowhere near as much effort as before! Also, now we are used to the power of the batteries on the flat, everything is so much easier.

If you have anywhere on your website for comments or feedback, please feel free to use this as a glowing commendation.

Peter and Sue Shaw - Chelmsford

After a few years off from cycling I thought I should take the plunge and get back into it...

Then a friend mentioned to me about electric bikes. I looked around at various makes and found it impossible to be able to actually test one out and see one in a showroom! Then I found David at EZ Riders in Chelmsford, excellent service, with an excellent range of electric bikes, I tried them all out and with David's help decided to go for the Giga and boy am I pleased with it or what!

At 46 now, I only wish I had taken the plunge years ago, I feel a different person and actually look forward to the journey to the train station every morning now, I am saving over £30 a week on parking and £60 a week on fuel alone, let alone wear & tear on my car, with saving over £4k a year my bike has paid for itself 4 times over and we've had a great holiday in Lake Como for free this year already!

I can't recommend enough the benefits of an electric bike! Economical, environmentally friendly, cardiac friendly! And free to park at the train station!

Tried a few different makes and ended up going for a GIGA and am happy to report that everything he said was true!

Mr D. B. - Chelmsford