Electric Bicycle FAQ.

Are spare parts available?

Yes, we keep a comprehensive range of spare parts including tyres, wheels, gear sets, etc.

Can I use them on cycle paths?


Do I need a driving license?


Do I still have to pedal?

You can either pedal with half or full power assistance, use the throttle (after first stating off by peddling) or turn off the power and peddling as a normal bike.

Do the bikes come in different sizes?

The bikes are only available in one size, however there is a fair amount of adjustment. All types have a maximum user weight of 95 kg.

How long does it take to charge?

3-5 hours

How long will the battery last?

Approximately 1,000 charges

What distance can I cover?

This differs with model:

  • GIGA and MILLI - Up to 43 miles
  • MEGA - Up to 28 miles

* Range is dependent on user weight, terrain, selected power option and weather conditions.

What do the bikes weigh?

Milli: 29kg
Mega: 25kg
Giga: 25kg

What does the warranty cover?

  • Main frame for 5 years (against breakage) subject to reasonable use. 
  • Front forks for 1 year
  • Electrics for 1 year
  • Battery for 1 year subject to correct charging procedure
  • Items not covered by warranty (i.e. consumables such as tyres, break pads/blocks, gear sets and cables)

What is "6061 alloy"?

6061 alloy is a alloy widely used in the bike industry for its strength and can be welded in a manner suiting bike construction.

What is "internal cable routing"?

Internal cable routing means that the cables running from the front of the bike to the rear are channeled through the inside of the frame, helping to avoid the risk of fouling on clothes or being chaffed.

What is the minimum age that can ride these bikes?

14 years

What's the difference between having just front suspension and both front and rear suspension?

Front suspension will transfer power to the ground more directly, but not give such a smooth ride as dual suspension.